• Roasts and Cools in less than 20 Minutes
• Up to 10 programmable memory functions
• Up to 5 stages.
• New & Improved Chaff Collector Assembly.
• Roasts up to 150 grams (1 cup) of beans.
• Roasts enough beans to produce up to 24 cups of coffee.
• Programmable roast profiles from light to French and anything in
• Patented temperature control to give you consistent personalized
roasting performance.
• 2 Preset Automatic Roasting Curves for slower and faster roasts.
• Glass Roasting chamber allows clear visibility, during every stage
of the roast.
• Double Filtration Chaff c-ollection that also disassembles for easy
• Built in 4 minute cooling cycle.

Price including GST $380.00

CR100 Home Coffee Roaster

Green coffee bean retains its full flavor for about two years.However, once
it has been roasted, it loses flavor in just three days. The only way you can
enjoy the full flavor of coffee is to roast coffee at home with HCC.Imagine
how fresh the coffee would be when roasted at home! Same flavor as the
conventional coffee by less quantity for dark roast.

Roast capacity 150g

Roast raw beans completely with hot air.

Price including GST $330.00